Printed Catalogs Drive Online Sales

Printed catalogs still exist in the digital world because they work. Catalogs engage readers, maintain a physical presence in front of your customers, and drive online sales. Capitalize on a proven ROI, print a catalog! Printed Catalogs Connect Customers to Your Brand Print is physical, tactile, and trusted by readers. It’s as simple as the […]

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The Indispensable Leave-behind

  In 2018 the primary difference between digital marketing and print marketing is IMPACT — print has it! Of course, a solid digital presence is a must have for any business but in this age of culture bubbles, fake news, cyber warfare, and an endless barrage of creepily targeted advertising, it can be impossible to […]

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Print Marketing Trends for 2018

Product image - So Delicious catalog

  2018 is shaping up to be a renaissance of creative print marketing. The chaos of online existence has reached a critical tipping point. Your customers are looking for an escape from the din. Consumer surveys suggest that as many as 82% of internet users trust print marketing over digital marketing when making a purchasing […]

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