Design with customization in mind

  Part three of a three-piece series… You’ve compiled your list. You’ve consulted with your commercial printing specialist and determined the physical size and parameters of what you plan to mail. It’s time to make your design ready for customization. Part Three: Designing for Variable-data Customization The most complicated process of designing a variable-data marketing […]

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Connect To Customers One-On-One!

  A feature in three parts… This week we kick off a three-piece series focusing on variable-data direct-mail marketing campaigns. This series will include tips on how to get the most from your data, what to expect from your printer, and how to set-up your design once you have determined the physical parameters of your […]

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Print Marketing Trends for 2018

Product image - So Delicious catalog

  2018 is shaping up to be a renaissance of creative print marketing. The chaos of online existence has reached a critical tipping point. Your customers are looking for an escape from the din. Consumer surveys suggest that as many as 82% of internet users trust print marketing over digital marketing when making a purchasing […]

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