At QSL, sustainability is a part of our mission, it’s rooted in our philosophy and it’s seeded in the way we do business each and every day.

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Our investment in the future begins with our investment in technology. Our presses and printers represent a new century of capabilities and a higher level of sustainability. Here are just a few of the ways that our technology helps us be more sustainable and nicer to our planet.

Offset  —  Sustainability Through Efficiency with Minimal Waste

We recycle 100% of our aluminum press plates and 100% of our solution containers. Using soy-based ink means that no harmful toxins are polluting the air. Our paper is sourced for each job; no storage, no waste.

Digital  —  Print on Demand

Our digital presses allow us to produce shorter print runs with less set-up. Print only what you need. Our web-to-print services make it even easier to control inventory and reduce waste.

Wide Format  —  Sustainability in a Big Way

Our wide format printers use non-toxic, solvent free inks in conjunction with precision spray nozzles. This wastes less ink and retains the recyclable properties of the material being printed on.

“I’m a parent. The quality of the future will be measured by how well we pursue sustainability now. It’s up to all of us to do better.”

— Melissa Koke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Sustainability — How We Do Business

Here at QSL, sustainability isn’t just the latest marketing buzzword, it’s who we are and how we take responsibility for our impact on our community and this planet.

Sustainability in a Field of Flowers

We Were the First

QSL was the first printer in Lane County to meet the sustainability standards to be BRING RE:think certified.


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We Have a Bin for That!

Education and convenience are the keys to our success. Comingle, paper, refundable, compostable… yes, we have a bin for that!


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What’s a Bioswale?

How we impact our land is not to be taken lightly. Parking lot runoff is a major source of contamination to our rivers and their inhabitants. QSL maintains two lush bioswales which act as a natural filter, removing silt and pollution from surface runoff water.

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Renewable Energy is Our Future

Energy is a big part of our footprint. We need power to do just about everything. At QSL, conservation and efficiency is not enough. That is why we buy renewable energy from SUB.


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Responsible, Recycled, Recyclable

Where we source our materials matters. QSL is proud to partner with suppliers who champion sustainability as much as we do. Responsible, recycled, recyclable… it’s how we do business.



Ask Us About Our Recycling Program

Our recyclable banner material is so new that local recycling organizations are not yet picking it up but QSL has got you covered. Just return your recyclable banner to us after you’re done with it and we’ll take it from there. Yes, we have a bin for that!


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