Postcards Connect You To Your Customers

Postcards are a great way to connect with both current and future customers. They are easy to personalize and extremely cost effective. Postcards can drive traffic to your store or website, reward loyal customers, and engage with new ones. More importantly, people love to get mail.

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Reality Check

Direct mail postcards are incredibly effective at increasing your visibility and initiating engagement across multiple platforms. The next wave of purchasers, facilitators, shoppers, and decision makers engage almost exclusively through their mobile devices. In today’s digital age, having a physical presence drives action.

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Did You Know?

Millennials love to get mail. Research shows that Millennials are 66% more likely to remember to use your special offer if they have a physical copy to carry around.

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Connect with Customization

Go beyond targeted demographics by connecting to customers one-on-one with variable-data. Personalizing your direct mail campaign is both necessary for success and simple to implement. Today, variable data options extend far beyond the mailing address. Customize text by utilizing personal purchase data. Match fonts and colors to specific products, or select images relevant to a customer’s demographic.

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Did You Know?

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Of consumers surveyed, 86% say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions and 67% feel that physical mail is more personal than electronic communications.

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Track Your Efforts

QR codes can drive online traffic while tracking engagement. They take up little space, can be made into custom shapes or images, and are totally trackable.

Get Your Message Out There!

We are USPS experts. As the third largest mail service provider in the state, we work with the post office every day. We can help you capitalize on mailing incentives while keeping your cost as low as possible. We can also help you acquire a mailing list or audit yours to ensure accuracy and a 100% delivery rate.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

  • Focus your list – determine a specific market or demographic to target
  • Postcards get the best postal rates – design with postage in mind
  • Customize – make it personal – make it count
  • Don’t forget a Call To Action!
  • Get started – contact your QSL account manager today


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