Quality Customer Service Is An Art Form We Take Quite Seriously


The QSL roster of customer service superstars has increased by one…

Tammy Tudor - CSR


Customer Service Representative

At QSL our top priority is to provide service; service through expertise built on generations of print experience, service through innovative solutions to achieve complex goals, and service through accountability. ‘Good enough’ is not in our lexicon. It takes a quick-minded, adaptable, and resourceful problem solver with an expertise built from experience and a yes-we-can attitude to administer QSL-grade customer service. Finding the right person takes patience. We waited and we were rewarded. 

We are so pleased to welcome Tammy to our ranks. Tammy’s expertise has been cultivated through experience that spans decades in the print and service industries. A career employee with Kinko’s since 1984, Tammy has experienced the evolution of technology as it pertains  to printing. Her promotions up through the ranks gave Tammy a wide variety of experience in a diverse set of locations including, Ft. Lauderdale — Florida, Louisville — Kentucky, and Buffalo — New York.

A little bit about Tammy…

Places Tammy has lived

Tammy was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and did her post grad work as a ski bum in Salt Lake City before taking a job at Kinko’s in 1984. She may not be an Oregon native but she fits in with QSL culture just fine.

“College basketball (and all things Oregon Ducks) is my sports weakness.”

An avid reader, Tammy loves to collect books (real ones with pages). She is currently working on improving her golf game and because life isn’t challenging enough, she also rides a unicycle!


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