Finally, an outdoor banner material that is kinder to our planet!

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New Planet-Friendly Fence Banners Survive Winter in the Pacific Northwest!

When we received a test roll of banner material made from recycled plastic bottles that can be recycled back into plastic bottles, we were ecstatic. Banner material is the least planet-friendly material we work with and until now, there was nothing we could do about it.

QSL_Recyclable_BannerSo, we tested this new material. We printed two 8ft x 4ft fence banners; one for QSL and one for instaprint. After 3 months of rain, snow, wind and freezing temperatures, the banners still look great! No fading and no tearing.

After doing some research we confirmed that this new material is in fact recyclable however, it is so new that our local recycle centers are not yet set up to receive it. Fortunately, we can. Refusing to give up on the opportunity to provide a recyclable banner option, we reached out to our recycling vendor for help. We already recycle a large amount of PET plastic containers in the course of our regular print production and so, we are delighted to be able to add PET banner material to that pick-up.

What is PET?

PET is what most of our plastic food and beverage containers are made of. PET is biodegradable and does not release toxic chlorine when it’s burned, unlike PVC. PET is also 100% recyclable.

What is standard outdoor vinyl made of?

Standard vinyl banner material is primarily made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is not recyclable and does not breakdown… ever.



For QSL and instaprint, sustainability isn’t just the latest marketing buzzword, it’s part of our philosophy and it is seeded in the way we do business each and every day.

Adding a recyclable outdoor banner material to our stock is a major step forward in our pursuit of a smaller carbon footprint.


PET Banner Material – Key benefits

  • 100% recyclable – made from recycled bottles
  • Recycled exclusively at QSL and instaprint
  • 5 year exterior life expectancy
  • Cost is comparable to 13oz scrim vinyl banners
  • Lightweight  – easy to ship – easy to install
  • Does not require wind slits

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