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Doug Koke

Chairman of the Board

Doug Koke is not just the President of QSL Print Communications, he is the heart and soul of the company. A true aficionado of the craftsman trade of printing, it is not uncommon to see Doug on the production floor running a machine or consulting with a pressman. Doug loves to be a part of the printing process.

Commercial printing is the Koke family legacy. Doug’s grandfather, Joseph Koke, began a printing company in Eugene in 1907. There has been a Koke-run printing company in Lane County ever since. One hundred years later, in 2007, Doug created Koke New Century, Inc. as a launch pad for the next century of Koke printing. With this new company, Doug acquired QSL Print Communications, another family-owned business with a long history and exceptional reputation in the community. In the years since, Doug has created Quick Service Auction Printing and acquired two other local storefront businesses; instaprint and Century Print. Together, these businesses make up the most comprehensive commercial printing service in Lane County!

Doug’s commitment to service, growth, and technological advancement of the print trade has laid the groundwork for the next generation of the Koke family. As Doug prepares for retirement, Melissa Koke is preparing to take the helm. While the last century focused on the building of a family legacy, the next century will see that legacy pursue new systems of efficiency, automation, and sustainability that will ultimately reinforce the artisan values of a long-treasured craft.

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Horizontal Pink Line In addition to his passion for printing, Doug is an avid motorcycle and vintage car enthusiast. He also rebuilds guitars and amplifiers and is currently building a ukulele for each of his grandsons. To say that Doug is a Duck fan would be an extreme understatement. If you want to find Doug during Duck Football season, just look for the guy driving the Harley onto the field at Autzen Stadium with Puddles the Duck at the start of every home game.

Joseph Koke
Joseph Koke

Koke family ensures success spans generations

In the glow of early morning light, a man stepped away from the train platform at the Eugene train station to buy a newspaper. He returned a few minutes later to discover his train had left for Seattle.

That was in 1904, and the man’s name was Joseph Koke. Rather than catch the next train to Seattle, Koke made Eugene his home and founded a printing company, Yoran & Koke.

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Leaving a legacy in the family business

Working alongside their parents and siblings isn’t for everyone. But for the Koke family, owners of QSL Print Communications, such an arrangement is second nature. In fact, the fourth generation of leaders at the Springfield company say working with family members is one of the things that’s helped them weather the many storms they’ve faced in their ever-changing industry.

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Photo - Doug riding motorcycle with Duck onto the field

Joy Ride

Some may know him from his 36 years spent in the printing business in Eugene. Others know him as the man behind what The Sporting News deems one of the top game day traditions in all of college football. For the past seven seasons, Koke has driven the Oregon-decorated 1996 Harley-Davidson FatBoy that cruises across the Autzen Stadium turf immediately before the team takes the field to the roar of the crowd at each home game.

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