Choosing the Perfect Paper Stock

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Choosing the perfect paper stock plays a major role in the success of your print communications. When its time to plan your next print project, enlist the paper experts at QSL. We’re here to help.

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The most commonly overlooked step in any printed communication is the paper selection. Yes, paper is an essential part of the process. Without it, where would the ink go? But paper is so much more than a vehicle for ink. Paper is literally what gives your message weight, what makes it physical. So why not be choosy about how you craft your next tactile communication experience?

There are many variables to consider when choosing the perfect paper stock

Weight, color, coating, and the grain or texture all play a part. If you’re printing a booklet, you want to make sure that your cover stock will score easily so that the fold is clean. If you have images or graphics that will cover the paper with ink, how well will that ink sit on the page? Some papers work better for text than for images and vice versa. When choosing a non-white paper stock, consider how your graphics and non-black text will look on your chosen color. Do your graphics change colors as a result? Is your text readable?

Choosing a white paper stock does not reduce your choices. If you have ever been to the paint section of a hardware store, you know that there is more than one color of white. Paper is no different. Choosing the perfect paper for your next piece of collateral can be overwhelming. The choices are endless and perfection is essential. This project will carry your brand after all. 

Don’t Guess — Consult the Experts

Commercial printers are nerds about paper and ink. The account managers at QSL have years of practical experience and encyclopedic knowledge of what types of paper work best for different kinds of projects. Just ask us, we love to show off our paper samples. As a major commercial printer, we receive hundreds of sample books showcasing the latest trends in feel and readability.

Choosing the perfect paper stock - pallet of printed paperQSL orders paper for every job, its how we manage storage and waste. This means that your print project is automatically a custom endeavor. So, why not take a few moments to test drive some paper and get a sense for how your audience will receive your message?

In addition to how a paper looks, feels, and prints, there is also the question of how it was sourced. QSL sources its paper from forest responsible vendors and producers. We have a variety of recycled and recyclable papers both coated and uncoated. We can even supply envelopes with a cornstarch window – no plastic! 

Paper is one of the most renewable and sustainable natural resources in existence. What can we print for you today?

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