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Photo of the book Game Day with the Oregon Ducks

Koke Next Generation, Inc. has partnered with QSL Print Communications to publish and print GAME DAY with the OREGON DUCKS – An Insider’s Look at a UO Football Game. Written by Robert Young with photography by Jack Liu, this 40-page book takes you behind the scenes of a UO home game at Autzen Stadium. Doug Koke, the owner of QSL and instaprint, is a native Eugenian and lifelong Duck fan. Doug is also the guy that drives Puddles, our Duck mascot, out onto the field to start every home football game. This book isn’t about winning and losing, it’s about the institution itself and our love for the Oregon Ducks.

Written for all ages, this photo-heavy account of GAME DAY depicts how a small army of dedicated individuals works together to bring you an exceptional Duck fan experience. From the security personnel to the food vendors to the equipment managers and everyone in between, this book is the ultimate backstage pass for curious Duck fans everywhere.

Photo - Jordan Kent as wide receiver for the Oregon Ducks
Photo Credit – John Giustina


“Game Day with the Oregon Ducks offers an incredibly detailed look into all of the intricacies and traditions that take place at Autzen Stadium. As someone who played for Oregon, I was amazed to learn just how much happens behind the scenes each game. If you’ve ever wanted an inside look into Oregon Football, this is the book for you.”

— Jordan Kent, former Duck receiver, and three-sport letter winner




Photo - Doug riding motorcycle with Duck onto the field
Photo Credit – Jack Liu



“The making of this book was incredibly fun to be a part of,” said Doug Koke, owner of QSL Print Communications. “I am a lifelong Duck fan and an active participant in the home game production. Robert Young did a great job bringing the behind-the-scenes action to life. I hope readers of this book enjoy it as much as I do.”

— Doug Koke (the one with the duck)




— An Insider’s Look at a UO Football Game




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